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Too small

It's barely big enough to fit a small laptop in, and even then it's very tight squeeze. Given this is sold as a commuter bike, that's a bit rich. The fastenings to the luggage rack are not very good ether - two Velcro straps and an extra buckle strap that seems to have been an afterthought.

MiRiDER One Pannier Bag
Richard Marlow
Well organised bag, but a bit expensive

Made of a quality material so seems really sturdy. Good quality zips as well. Fixing it to the rack is a bit fiddly to start with but have now got used to it. Surprisingly big. I like the bottle holder at the back.Very pleased overall.

Eovolt City folding electric bike 2021

Very happy with the bike, and with Ben at Switchcycle! I had no experience with electric bikes and his advice ensured I got what I need for London living. Definitely worth talking to someone with knowledge and can recommend based on your requirements rather than buying “off the shelf” online. So glad I did! Sorted out helmet, lock, etc without trying to sell me anything I didn’t need.

What it says on the tin

Use for when I need to put Mi-Rider folded into back of the car and when company at home so less conspicuous in my living room. Easy on & off and so far rugged enough to take a little abuse! Folds down to tissue box size to keep ready to go in the boot.

Eovolt city four

First time commuting by bike and the eovolt is making light work if it ! I live in a hilly part of london and so far the hills have been a breeze. The bike is strurdy and very easy to use and with the folding option I’ve been able to take it into the office with ease . I’m delighted with the bike and enjoying the freedom of cycling !

Great buy - so glad I purchased

Love, love my Mi-Rider. Does everything it says it does! Great so far. Folds into my very small Toyota iQ, can lift it easily up 2 flights of stairs, from a Very unfit 50 something its a joy to pedal + so, love, love it

MiRider One 2021 7AH Bike

Just bought this bike from Switch Cycles a few days ago. The bike is great, lots of fun as a commuter bike in central London. The pedal assist is smooth and throttle is a great help when starting off in traffic. It folds easily so can wheel it into the office and gym, and can store it easily in my flat. I like how the seat and handle bars height are easily adjustable. Looks great, gets alot of attention.

MiRiDER One Waterproof Phone Holder

Excellent conversion

Excellent service from Switch Cycles. Conversion completed within a few days and the components are of a high quality. The conversion is very compatible with the Brompton and works well with all aspects of the bike. The performance is smooth and very efficient and effective. Highly recommended.

Mi rider bag

Excellent service and quality

MiRiDER One Storage Bag
MiRiDER One Storage Bag?

A useful bag for transporting your ebike as it stop the bike from moving in your vehicle. It could be a little taller as I find with a rear light fitted you can not drop the seat far enough to easily close the bag so you end up removing the seat. I find the side pocket useful for storing the charger when you are away for the weekend with the ebike. I also like the fact the storage bag can can also be fitted to the rear rack when not being used. Good quality for the price.

MiRiDER One Luggage Rack

I wanted this item mainly to protect the rear mudguard when folded. That said I have added a 3 cord luggage bungle from Amazon. I find it is useful to strap the storage bag onto when it is not being used. I did not fit the rear stick on reflector but added a £2.49 screw on reflector from TheRange. It looks so much better. I am considering adding a MIK adaptor to the rack as I have a Basil MIK rear bag for my other bikes and would use the bag if I was out for the day. I would say a must accessory.

Exceptional service and advice

I cannot fault switch cycles from order to
delivery. I was kept informed all the way through by Ben and not just in working hours! Knowledge and information exemplary and always responded swiftly to any enquiry. Service I cannot fault and rare to find these days. I would not hesitate to recommend Switch cycles and Ben. Thank you for making my cycle purchase such a pleasure.

Ego great buy

Ego bike great buy very light to lift and ride I am very happy I bought from switch bike who was able to assemble the bike for me

Super fast, super fun, Super Monkey

What a great bike! It is so enjoyable to ride, and gets a lot of attention when out and about. Really good range too, perfect for shorter commutes and longer journeys alike.

White MiRider One 2021 Everything I expected

I have owned the MiRider for just over a week and it is like having a small run about car. I have a Mercedes Smart ebike and a Reise Muller ebike which I use to go out for a cycle with friends. I originally bought the MiRider to go into my VW Camper so I could nip to the shops when camping. I also planned on using it on the canal on my boat. I now think this will be my go to bike for nipping to the shops. The day I picked it up I travelled over 12 miles and still had loads of battery left. I find the throttle so useful as it just gives you that little oomph when you need it. The bike maybe compact with 16" wheels but it is solid and gives a stable rides. When travelling on the train I simply fold in half and leave both the seat and handle bars in place. I have also had quite a bit of interest from people on a campsite when they saw it come out the back of my VW camper. I had a lady on the campsite who was scared of ebikes as they were fast and could not do gears come back and say it is fantastic and so easy to ride, she went round the site again. I have also discovered I can attach it to my bike rack and it is not too heavy to lift the boot open. So far I am delighted with the purchase and I am considering another in a different colour (his/hers).

Effortless Smooth Transit

The matt orange City One is the bomb.

I've been on a couple of trains and busses with it, folded up.
There have been issues with the magnet lock when folding up, but I'm guessing some adjustment will resolve this.

Likewise it's a pain if the front mudguard is loose, but some tightening should resolve that.

The build quality is superb.
It's a lot of fun riding around and my Mom is excited about it.

Review for MiRider One Luggage Rack

well designed, well made and well fitted.
An excellent rack that suits the bike well and is reasonably priced

Well made

Quite pleased with my purchase plenty of pockets and it’s well made thankyou

Nice looking looks wellmade

Haven’t been out with it weather not good looks well made plenty of pocket s

E-go Lite

Brilliant little bike, folds easily and very light to carry. Hills are a breeze when the power kicks in. Outstanding service from Ben at Switch Cycles who made sure it was properly assembled and ready to go. Very happy with my purchase.

MiRiDER One Electric Folding Bike New 2021

Great bit of kit

Haven't ridden much yet but looks impressive.. Good service!

Eovolt Confort 20” - A Superb Bike

I’ve only had the bike for a few days and am absolutely loving everything about it. Aesthetically it really is very beautiful to look at. It’s a solid bike, and very comfortable to ride. As someone who is new to Cycling I have found it reassuring in it’s stability, and it is equally smooth in it’s handling. I’m definitely looking forward to spending more time using my bike and enjoying all it’s many features. I highly recommend it. The service from start to finish with Switch Cycles has been amazing. They also have a great after service. It’s refreshing to deal with such a lovely company, who are genuinely customer centric, and also very knowledgeable about their products.

Eovolt city 4

LOVE IT!! Would definitely recommend the bike and buying from switch cycles. BEN couldn't do enough to help me choose the bike I needed. Was looking at the mirider1 and eovolt city 1 for my budget but after speaking to Ben I decided on the eovolt city 4. The extra gears really are useful for my hilly commute to work and I find it easy to use even without the electric assistance.
Buy with confidence
Thank you