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Emu have been producing stylish E-Bikes since 2014. They are a proud British brand backed by Delbanco Meyer a UK company with a long successful history of making innovative consumer products. You can find Emu bikes today all over the UK and Europe. 

Emu are a great choice for our customers looking for their first electric bike. If value for money and stylish design are a key consideration then make sure to consider Emu electric bikes. 

Why Emu Bikes?

2 year Warranty

Emu bikes are delivered directly from their UK warehouse meaning every bike is sent with love. Each bike is made with the best specification whilst offering a 2 year warranty at an affordable price. 

You can find out more about the Emu bikes and warranty here

Lightweight Emu Frame

Emu aluminium frames have a distinctive retro feel meaning they look great riding around the city or navigating a village track. with a patented in-frame battery their bikes look great whilst providing a nice balanced smooth ride. Each frame is treated, corrosive and highly durable. 

Emu Front Wheel Power

The Emu electric motor powers the front wheel providing assistance upfront, whilst you provide power to the rear wheel. While riding this gives a great natural balance and stability to you as you ride. 

Emu Battery and Motor

Depending on the terrain, battery size choice and how you use your electric bike, Emu’s battery choices will give you a range of 50-100km off one full charge, that is around 31-62 miles . You have a choice of 5 different power settings to strike a great balance between your input and assistance. 

The Emu battery is simply removed for charging at home or at your desk via a normal power socket. 

The Emu battery is simply removed for charging at home or at your desk via a normal power socket. 

The Shimano Nexus 7 hub gear system

The Shimano Nexus 7 hub gear system is a proven choice for electric bikes. By being able to change gear in motion or stationary it provides great confidence to new electric riders. The enclosed hub means the mechanism is protected from the elements allowing an extended life. 

Emu Rider Feedback

Having a clear LCD display allows you to focus ahead of you whilst riding your electric bike. check your speed, battery health, check your distance travelled and manage your power assistance in one easy to navigate menu. 

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